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Incontro Mediterraneo: EMS Medicine available at your doorstep

12 Jun 2015 Press Release

A short extract of an article published in the magazine Incontro Mediterraneo, about EMS



Medical Services (EMS), founded and chaired by Dr. Davide Maged, is an idea that was born after years of working with Italian and Egyptian healthcare Institutions and which has been inaugurated last 29th of March by the Italian Ambassador in Cairo, Maurizio Massari.
Its main objective is to bring Italian healthcare excellence closer to the area where it operates (Middle
East and North Africa), becoming some kind of reference point for the local population.
The EMS adventure started 4 years ago when Davide Maged came to know a 13 years old boy, Mario, who was suffering from a rare and blood cancer and needed an immediate bone marrow transplant, which is an extremely complex treatment available, for that form, only in 5 hospitals worldwide, one being in Italy. ”

After evaluating Mario’s critical case and considering the logistics and the various difficulties behind a medical trip, we decided to go for it taking all the chances we had. Unfortunately, after his arrival to the hospital, Mario didn’t make it due to his advanced medical conditions. This is why I created EMS.” says Davide.

Since then, Davide started to study a way in order to offer to local patients medical counselings and/or treatments in a way which would be less stressful for the patient.
Elite Medical Services mission is to become a hub for the request of healthcare excellence. A sort of elite medicine available at your doorstep

How does EMS WORK?
EMS is one of the first Second Opinion centers in Egypt. The intention is to safeguard the patient who, in the impossibility to resolve the pathology he is affect from locally, calls on EMS. And on the base of adequate medical documentation and reports, EMS will first study the case and then address it to the most qualified Italian equipes and hospitals according to its specialty.

Subsequently, the hospital will provide an official report which wills advice with a therapeutic course (pharmacological, surgical, further investigation…). Obviously, the choice of the hospital for treatment remains in the hand of the patient.

The types of EMS patients and their future objectives EMS is mostly directed to patients with chronic disease, for example cardiological, oncological, neruological, orthopedics cases, but also for specific investigations and medical checkup. Major attention will also be given to awareness campaign for the prevention and the importance of early detection of diseases. EMS is planning to very soon carry out screening campaigns in collaboration with major
Egyptian institutions.

An other major project Elite Medical Services is working on is tele-medicine, more specifically tele-cardiology, which basically is the monitoring of the patient in Egypt in real time from expert cardiologist in Italy, through a medical kit which will be placed on the patient for a couple of days

Hospitals that collaborate with EMS Gruppo San Donato Hospitals, European Institute of Oncology (IEO), Gaslini Pediatric Hospital, and other Hospitals for rare diseases are only some of the hospitals with which EMS works. Elite
Medical Service has in progress other contacts with other institutions in order to multiplicate the services it can offer and the medical fields it can cover always keeping as focus the centrality of thepatient with the highest human and ethics values.