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About Elite Medical Services

Elite Medical Services is an international healthcare consultancy company, aiming to offer its clients the best medical care whether in Egypt, Arabian Gulf, or Italy.

Elite Medical Services TeamUtilizing top of the line medical technology and the latest advancements in telemedicine, Elite Medical Services offers a wide range of solutions specifically tailored for both businesses and individuals, from Second Opinion services through worldwide renowned hospitals in Italy, to providing medical care and management in the comfort of your home.

Our team of 20 licensed physicians has one mission and that is to support and accompany our patients and clients every step of the way to full recovery and well-being, opening new doors and advising more healthcare opportunities to provide our clients only with the best.

Created in 2012, by Dr. Davide MAGED, Elite Medical Services has been designed to bridge the gap between patients and the best healthcare services locally and overseas, aiming to recommend its patients the various available treatment and recovery plans according to their needs, realizing the struggle patients and their families go through when faced with such circumstances.

This philosophy has been our guiding light in the manner we approach our personal care services, in particular Health Facility Management, Home Care, and last but not least Air Ambulance and Medical Repatriation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate the accessibility of the Italian Healthcare excellence to all international patients, helping you find the appropriate solution for your health needs.

We work in close collaboration with the Best Certified Hospitals and Physicians in various fields of expertise and we all are determined to be with you and accompany you through all the steps towards your diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

EMS wants to improve the quality of healthcare services offered, by maximizing timely efficient & strategic access to the best in Italian & Egyptian Healthcare.

At Elite Medical Services we are always mindful of the responsibility we have towards you, our Client.

The entire organization is committed to professionalism, confidentiality and reliability. As an independent Company, we are dedicated only to you.

Because we put you first, you can always depend on us

Our Story

This is the moment the EMS story began…

In 2011 the EMS embryo has been able to offer this child from Egypt (MARIO), not only the best that modern haematological oncology can offer at an international level, but also completely free of charge.

We fought at Mario’s side with the help of some of the most experienced professionals in Italy we did our best to give him the latest treatments for his disease.

Since that day, in 2012, EMS has become the reference point in Egypt for:

  • Second Opinion Service
  • Medical Trip (full medical & administrative organization)
  • On site Medical Management & Clinics
  • Medical Trasportation (Air Ambulance) and Medical Escort
  • Telemedicine
  • Telementoring
  • Promoting Egypt as destination for medical tourism&Services from Africa
  • EMS C-Cure program (for the full treatment of Hepatitis C Patients in Egypt)

EMS team is highly motivated, skilled and experienced.

In order to better meet the needs of our clients, we make sure that each of our staff member speaks at least two languages including Italian, Arabic, English and French.

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Charity Work

Elite Medical Services is a company that also cares about the health of the neediest people for which, very often, it is difficult to get the most basic and strictly necessary medical care.

With the desire to be able to support the local community, Elite Medical Services will allocate every year a percentage of its funds to specific cases brought to light by Egyptian fellow physicians’ daily activities to the founder of Elite Medical Services Dr. Davide Maged.

The funds will be donated in the form of medical treatments and absolutely NOT IN CASH FORM.

In the “News” section of our website we will inform you about the most significant cases, of course in respect of human dignity and privacy.

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