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The key to a correct diagnosis is the right study and interpretation of the imaging provided, parallel to a proper contextualized analysis of the patient’s lifestyle and environment

Receiving a Medical Second Opinion is of the utmost importance, and is a valuable tool in the hands of the patient when deciding on the nature of medical treatment, as well as the location.

In many cases, consulting with another Medical Professional can mean the difference between success and failure.

A Second Opinion can bring to light a different variety of tools that can be used for diagnosis and treatment and which can confirm whether the recommended treatments are indeed the best ones for your case.

The doctor supplying a Second Opinion may have access to technologies or knowledge unavailable to your consulting Physician and this may enable us to suggest a more suitable solution.

For example, a doctor from your native country may suggest an invasive surgical technique due to a lack of familiarity with a technique used in another country that can produce better results or a shorter recuperation period.

A Medical Second Opinion Means

  • Difference between success and failure
  • Different variety of tools
  • Access to technologies and knowledge unavailable in your country
  • Increase the Patient’s treatment options
  • Find the best possible treatment right for you

It is important to emphasize that a  Second Opinion is meant to increase the Patient’s options and provide a feeling of confidence that the chosen treatment is the right one for you



Is the proposed treatment the right one for me?


Could there be an alternative treatment?


What does my diagnosis mean?


What could be the cause of my pain?


What can you see on my MRI scan?


Where can I get the best treatment?


The medical second opinion service gives you the opportunity to have a second opinion about the individual’s health condition given by one of our specialists or by a team of specialists for the most complex clinical cases

Second Medical Opinion How It Works

Elite Medical Services manages your case with the best experts for your medical situation.

The Patient will deal with a qualified EMS Patient Case Manager (Physician) who, in order to make this the most important preliminary assessment phase, will collect all medical records then meticulously read, study and contextualize them with the patient. Then, after a long history and interview to perfectly frame the case, according to the diagnostic results, the doctor will prepare his report including his observations in order to put the accents on what he considers important for the specialist physician’s attention.


Confirm Diagnosis and Treatment Options

At Elite Medical Services, your welfare comes first. That means confirming the diagnosis and making sure that you receive the most advanced, most effective treatment.

Effective treatment is often available near home. Sometimes, however, our specialists may recommend that patients consider treatment in another city, or even in another country. Of course, no one wants to travel while ill. For some patients, however, the prospect of more effective treatment may be worth the inconvenience of travelling.

Our Medical Second Opinion Specialists Doctors take all these factors into consideration when making their treatment recommendations.

Involve Your Doctor

With your consent, the Medical Second Opinion team will keep your doctor fully informed at every step of the consultation process.

After your case has been reviewed, your doctor will receive a written, signed report from the Medical Second Opinion Specialist Doctors.

Your doctor may then consult with this specialist if required.

Suggest Treatment Close to Home

The Medical Second Opinion team makes every effort to identify effective treatment options close to where the patient lives.

Advanced treatment is often available, especially in major cities close to you.

In cases where the best treatment is not available in or near your city, the EMS Medical Second Opinion team will suggest treatment options in alternate locations, always keeping your convenience in mind.

Their recommendations will also take into account the need for your doctor to make appropriate referrals and follow up on your care.


Our Medical Second Opinion Specialists Doctors take all these factors into consideration when making their treatment recommendations.

Suggest Treatment Abroad

In some cases, the most effective treatment is only available in another country.

Treatment abroad may be preferable if:

  • Time-sensitive treatment is more readily available
  • Experimental treatment is only available at a small number of centres outside your country
  • A specific treatment is not yet available in your Country

Should the Specialist recommended treatment be available only outside your country, Elite Medical Services will make all necessary arrangements on your behalf by coordinating transportation, admission at the medical institution and repatriation to Home.

Elite Medical Services provides access to the best medical expertise at the most affordable cost, thanks to its international medical provider partnership contracts.

The costs of medical treatment abroad, transportation and accommodation expenses are the responsibility of the Patient.


At Elite Medical Services your welfare is very important.

Our Medical Second Opinion program has developed a reliable process to ensure that patients and their doctors receive vital expert opinions as soon as possible.

The seven-step process transfers information to the appropriate specialist for review, then transmits the expert medical second opinion back to the patient and the treating physician, so together they can continue their dialogue about appropriate treatment.

EMS Medical Second Opinion Protocol
EMS Medical Second Opinion Protocol Step 1

Call Us to book an appointment and determine eligibility

The patient calls the Medical Second Opinion call center to request a medical second opinion.

The Medical Second Opinion coordinator verifies eligibility and sends the patient the required authorization and request forms in order to collect all medical files on the patient’s behalf.

This data collection service requires minimal patient involvement, to reduce stress in a difficult time.

EMS Medical Second Opinion Protocol Step 2

EMS Medical Second Opinion Coordinator Opens your file and gathers all your medical records

Upon reception of the patient’s forms and medical records, the Medical Second Opinion coordinator opens the patient’s file, gathers medical histories and other medical information relevant to the case, and insures that all patient information standards and protocols are respected.

We complete the anamnesis with a meticulous clinical history review contextualized to the patient’s environment and lifestyle.

EMS Medical Second Opinion Protocol Step 3

EMS Patient Manager Doctor provides Italian specialist with medical records

After collection of the medical files, our team works to identify the specialist who is best qualified to review the case.

Using advanced, high-security technology, Medical Second Opinion provides the specialist with all relevant medical reports, data and test results.

EMS Medical Second Opinion Protocol Step 4

The Italian Specialist studies your case in equipe

The Italian professor, working in the many excellence centres with whom EMS developed official and internationally recognized medical and scientific collaboration agreements, conducts an in-depth review of the medical files.

EMS Medical Second Opinion Protocol Step 5

After cross specialist consultation, the rendering of the Medical Second Opinion

The goal is to quickly confirm the patient’s diagnosis and endorse the proposed treatment plan or recommend additional treatment alternatives and develop an eventual treatment plan or approach by providing all the available possibilities.

The Italian Specialist renders his Medical Second Opinion report based on the original diagnosis by supporting it or recommending an alternative to the proposed treatment plan.

EMS Medical Second Opinion Protocol Step 6

Final Report

Our ITALIAN EXPERT will prepare a final, signed, Medical Second Opinion report, which will be written on the Hospital official letterhead and sent to EMS MEDICAL STAFF.

It`ll be our job to convene the patient in order to illustrate the result of the consultation and explain step by step the available options; the patient will be completely free to choose his best option. Our role will be to explain, in the most clear and precise way, what is reported.

Patients will receive a copy of the final report.

Our team will use all security measures to preserve the privacy of the patient’s medical records and personal information.

EMS Medical Second Opinion Protocol Step 7

If needed, we can arrange for the treating physician to consult with the Italian Specialist

Last but not least, if you have a treating physician, it’ll be our medical staff’s care, after appropriate authorization, to explain in detail the result of the report to the local physician giving total availability to manage the patient jointly in order to provide the most complete service of care.


The centers of excellence with which EMS operates are endowed with the world’s most advanced technologies in order to offer our clients the best international medical care has to offer.

Specifically, the most cutting-edge clinical technologies and approaches in diagnosis, treatment and care including:

  • Oncological HADRONTHERAPY (advanced Radiotherapy)
  • Da Vinci Robots
  • High Energy Accelerators
  • Computerized Axial Tomography (CAT) Scanners
  • Pancreatic Islet Transplantation to treat Patients with Type 1 Diabetes
  • Stem Cells therapy to Cornea Regeneration
  • MakoPlasty and Rio System (Orthopedic Robotic Surgery)

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