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EMS accompany you step by step from your  arrival at the airport in Egypt until your return to Italy

Hepatitis C Egypt sofosbuvir Elite Medical Services

Elite Medical Services offers a “package” that provides full medical and logistics management of the patient with Hepatitis C

Thanks to the well-established experience in the field of international patient management, we were able to manage a bit what has become the precursor to the introduction of international patient service who, affected with Hepatitis C, choose Egypt as a destination for cure.

A surgeon’s experience with an infected needle in the operating room and subsequently positive to HIV raised an imported moral issue about accessibility to some particularly expensive treatments.

So, we have “packaged” thanks to the profound knowledge of the Egyptian health system and the strong relationships with the best hospitals and institutions, a “package” that provides full medical and logistics management of the patient with Hepatitis C, accompanying it step by step on his arrival at the airport in Egypt until his return to Italy.

The presence of renowned Italian specialists in Egypt has allowed, over time and through word of mouth, to successfully assist many cases from Italy. Finally, the strength of our system is certainly the geographical position of Egypt; just over three hours flight from Milan and well connected to other countries in the African continent.

For us, the safety of our patient is a priority, in fact, not only is we focus on coordinating with the doctor / specialist, but also follow up with the patient when he returns home.

All this in order to offer a very high quality service, accessible and able to drastically cut down on costs, also giving you the opportunity to take advantage of the journey to visit the country with endless beauty

An all-inclusive package for your peace of mind!

And while you begin your cure, you can also indulge in full relaxation and fun



As soon as you contact us, our staff will provide you with all the information you need through an initial interview and asking you to provide us with your clinical documentation in order to evaluate at best you clinical condition and needs


This phase is very important because it allows us to understand your clinical need and to develop the most suitable plan for your specific needs. At this point we will be able to finalize your stay based on the preferences you have highlighted.


After examining your case, our doctors will submit it to the specialist certified hepatologist – University professor in Internal Medicine and Hepatic Disorders – of undisputed competence, ethics and reliability for a preliminary assessment and in order to give the most appropriate indications to your case pending the visit upon your arrival in Egypt


Once the assessment is complete, we will be more than glad to provide and illustrate the quotation


You will receive a detailed plan containing appointments, details of travel and accommodation, name of the physician who will assist you throughout your stay, details of the specialist with the appointment and hospital structure where you will be performing all the required tests


After the clinical and laboratory examination, the hepatologist will give you a detailed description of your therapeutic plan by sharing it – if you will – with your trusted physician. At this point (the second day after you arrive in Cairo), you will be provided with the best medication for your particular case and will certainly be delivered the prescribed prescription and test results.



We can book your flights from any country in the World to save you the hassle of comparing or researching prices, we have the ability to provide you with optimal prices due to the collaboration agreements with the local airline.

We will draft your entire itinerary which will be shared with you beforehand. We ensure your maximum comfort and convenience through every step.


You will be picked up from Airport by Our Staff and transported to the Hotel of your choosing. Following a smooth check-in process, doctor’s appointment schedules will be shared. Our staff will always be with you to assist you, breaking even the smallest barriers.

We will also provide you a phone with a local line and a connection so that you can stay in touch at all times with your family, friends or even for business related issues. We think of everything for your total comfort.


You will be assigned a guide that will assist you every step of the process. Our guide will pick you up from the airport and accompany you to the doctor, first, then to the hospital for the routine investigations and in fine at and pharmacy. Your guide will also serve as your interpreter to ensure effective communication in every situation, especially during your medical meetings.


Your doctor’s appointments will be pre-scheduled. You will be picked-up from hotel to the doctor’s clinic.

You won’t have to worry about anything, everything will be arranged by us.

You can consult us freely and ask any questions from your certified hepatologist. You will then be taken to your JCI accreditated hospital for the routine investigations (before taking the drug) and then back to the hotel to enjoy rest of your day.


After the discussion of your result in person with your hepatologist, you will be accompanied by our assistant to the pharmacy where you will obtain the medication prescribed by your Specialist.

A farewell dinner will be held to bid you goodbye and commemorate your time in Egypt.


After taking good care of you during your stay in Egypt, we ensure that your trip back home is perfectly organized and safe. You will be picked up from your hotel following a smooth check-out process and transported to the airport for your flight back home.



Ancient archives show that Sumerians built flowing pools and temples around spas that served as ancient wellness centers for thousands of annual visitors. Moreover, drawings on old Egyptian temples display pharos and doctors treating visitors from foreign nations with the magic of warm, natural mineral waters

By the end of 2016 MORE THAN 1 Million of Patients will be Treated in EGYPT


“WHO recognizes Egypt’s efforts in combating Hepatitis C”

Also, in TOTAL SECURITY you can not only get cured, but also visit a BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY characterized by HISTORY, MODERNITY and TRADITION

The country which has been the cradle of Mankind


What is hepatitis?

“Hepatitis” means inflammation of the liver. The liver is a vital organ that processes nutrients, filters the blood, and fights infections.

When the liver is inflamed or damaged, its function can be affected.

Heavy alcohol use, toxins, some medications, and certain medical conditions can cause hepatitis.

However, hepatitis is most often caused by a virus. In the United States, the most common types of viral hepatitis are Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C.

What are the symptoms of Hepatitis C?

Many people with Hepatitis C do not have symptoms and do not know they are infected.

If symptoms occur, they can include: fever, feeling tired, not wanting to eat, upset stomach, throwing up, dark urine, grey colored stool, joint pain, and yellow skin and eyes.

If symptoms occur with acute infection, they can appear anytime from 2 weeks to 6 months after infection. If symptoms occur with chronic Hepatitis C, they can take decades to develop. When symptoms appear with chronic Hepatitis C, they often are a sign of advanced liver disease.

What is Hepatitis C?

Hepatitis C is an infection of the liver that results from the Hepatitis C virus.

Acute Hepatitis C refers to the first several months after someone is infected. Acute infection can range in severity from a very mild illness with few or no symptoms to a serious condition requiring hospitalization.

For reasons that are not known, about 20% of people are able to clear, or get rid of, the virus without treatment in the first 6 months.
Unfortunately, most people who get infected are not able to clear the Hepatitis C virus and develop a chronic, or lifelong, infection. Over time, chronic Hepatitis C can cause serious health problems including liver disease, liver failure, and even liver cancer.

How is Hepatitis C spread?

Hepatitis C is usually spread when blood from a person infected with the Hepatitis C virus enters the body of someone who is not infected.

Today, most people become infected with Hepatitis C by sharing needles, syringes, or any other equipment to inject drugs. Before widespread screening of the blood supply in 1992, Hepatitis C was also spread through blood transfusions and organ transplants. While uncommon, poor infection control has resulted in outbreaks in healthcare settings.

While rare, sexual transmission of Hepatitis C is possible. Having a sexually transmitted disease or HIV, sex with multiple partners, or rough sex appears to increase a person’s risk for Hepatitis C. Hepatitis C can also be spread when getting tattoos and body piercings in unlicensed facilities, informal settings, or with non-sterile instruments. Also, approximately 6% of infants born to infected mothers will get Hepatitis C. Still, some people don’t know how or when they got infected.

How would you know if you have Hepatitis C?

The only way to know if you have Hepatitis C is to get tested.

Doctors use a blood test, called a Hepatitis C Antibody Test, which looks for antibodies to the Hepatitis C virus. Antibodies are chemicals released into the bloodstream when someone gets infected. Antibodies remain in the bloodstream, even if the person clears the virus.

A positive or reactive Hepatitis C Antibody Test means that a person has been infected with the Hepatitis C virus at some point in time. However, a positive antibody test does not necessarily mean a person still has Hepatitis C. An additional test called a RNA test is needed to determine if a person is currently infected with Hepatitis C.

How can Hepatitis C be prevented?

Although there is currently no vaccine to prevent Hepatitis C, there are ways to reduce the risk of becoming infected with the Hepatitis C virus:

  • Avoid sharing or reusing needles, syringes or any other equipment to prepare and inject drugs, steroids, hormones, or other substances.
  • Do not use personal items that may have come into contact with an infected person’s blood, even in amounts too small to see, such as razors, nail clippers, toothbrushes, or glucose monitors.
  • Do not get tattoos or body piercings from an unlicensed facility or in an informal setting.

Can Hepatitis C be treated?

Yes, however, treatment depends on many different factors, so it is important to see a doctor experienced in treating Hepatitis C.

Acute Hepatitis C can cure itself however chronic hepatitis C needs to be treated with drugs. The success rate of these drugs depends on the strain of the Hepatitis C Virus and the type of treatment provided.

As of recently, a combination of Interferon and Ribavirin treatments were used over the course of 48 weeks having a success rate of about 50% and many side effects.

Latest research has introduced new drugs Gilead Harvoni (Sofosbuvir + Ledipasvir) to be used over a course of 12 weeks having a success rate of 90% with little to no side effects. Though this treatment is currently the best hope of HCV patients, the access to these drugs is very difficult.

In U.S and Europe, you can only obtain these drugs when your fibrosis levels are high. If acquired privately, the cost for these drugs goes up to 80.000 – 90.000 USD for a 12 week regimen.


Testing for Hepatitis-C is recommended for certain groups, including people who:

  • Were born from 1945 to 1965
  • Received donated blood or organs before 1992
  • Heve ever injected drugs, even if it was just once or many years ago
  • Have certain medical conditions, such as chronic liver disease and HIV or AIDS
  • Have abnormal liver tests or liver disease
  • Have been exposed to blood from a person who has Hepatitis-C
  • Are on hemodialysis
  • Are born to a mother with Hepatitis-C

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