Message from Dr. Davide Maged

Dedicated to Our Clients

Davide Maged CEO Elite Medical Services

On behalf of the staff of Elite Medical Services (EMS), I am delighted to welcome you to our new website.

I encourage you to find out more about the values and vision that guide us, the services we offer, the indicators that ensure our continued accountability, transparency and the news that matter most to you.
Every day we hear about globalization and of a globalized World; this process has involved many different fields and sectors, the effects of which are part of everyone’s daily life. Even medicine has been strongly affected by this process; everyday many are those who document themselves on the internet, or use diverse information sources to satisfy their thirst of knowledge on a particular subject, a disease, a new diagnostic method or a medical opinion.

The idea of creating a company engaged in the supply of all medical services arises from the observation frequently reported during my hospital workday.

Many are those who have the desire or need to receive healthcare services (medical opinion, diagnosis, intervention, rehabilitation) in Italy, internationally recognized for its healthcare excellence. Hence my desire to make this close and accessible to all people, always in respect of medical and professional ethics using a new approach, which provides case management by our highly trained physicians in collaboration with partner hospitals, specialized in different medical areas.

EMS is the realization of my dream which has, at its center, the respect of the Person.

Thank you for choosing Elite Medical Services. It is our privilege to care for you and your family.


Dr. Davide Maged PhD, MSc, BSc.h.
CEO and Managing Director

Who Is Davide Maged

Davide Maged PhD holder in Public Health from the Institute of Hygiene, Faculty of Medicine of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart – Policlinico Gemelli in Rome.

In 2009 he obtained a Level II Masters Degree in Healthcare Management from the SDA Bocconi School of Management after the MSc in Biology Applied to Biomedical Research at the University of Milan.

The choice of this course of study has been driven by passion for Health and the desire to manage it in order to operate in this fascinating and complex sector, focusing on the management of the medical services offered to the Person through planning, managing and controlling its processes and resources always guaranteeing safety and quality.

From 2010 up to present he is an executive manager at the Italian Umberto Primo Hospital in Cairo.

In the spring of 2011, with the will to take action on a particularly significant pediatric case management who was then helped in Italy thanks to enormous diplomatic, organizational, logistical and certainly clinical efforts, he decided to support and assist people in peculiar health situations and founded Elite Medical Services.

EMS has since become a point of reference in the area for the excellence of the Italian integrated Health through the ethical and timely management of the patient during all phases, from diagnosis to treatment and finally rehabilitation and follow-up.

In 2012, the opportunity to collaborate with the Egyptian Ministry of Civil Aviation for the management and transportation of patients through Air Ambulance has risen. This project resulted in the conversion of a private jet to a full functioning air ambulance with its fully integrated logistical management. The collaboration between Elite Medical Services and a company headed by the Ministry of civil aviation was officially presented to the Minister S.E. Samir Imbabi in early 2013.

The next challenge, driven by a strong interest to bring Health in rural and remote environments with overseeing medical staff, allowed the introduction of innovative telemedicine systems allowing teleconsultation in contexts in which this technology hasn’t yet been used.

Dr. Maged is a Healthcare Professional in the Middle East, and has gained particular experience in the organization, management of services and health facilities, development and management of diagnostic-therapeutic pathways between health facilities of the area while maintaining the deep bond with the institutions and Italian Hospitals desiring – one day – to be considered sort of an “Ambassador” of the Italian Health excellence in the Gulf and MENA region.