Incontro Mediterraneo Press Release EMS

Incontro Mediterraneo – EMS Grows Up

12 May 2017 Press Release

A short extract of an article published on the magazine Incontro Mediterraneo, about EMS



EMS, founded in 2012 by Dr. David Maged specialized in public health, broadens its horizons by opening a new clinic in a renowned resort in Marsa Alam on the Red Sea

Created to offer to its clients in Egypt and in the Middle East the best medical care, EMS has successfully achieved its first 4 years of life by offering a growing range of services. Second Opinion, organization and assistance for medical treatments in Italian excellence centers, medical home care, medical assistance for companies on site, are some of the main activities carried out by EMS also by partnering with a number of top rated Italian hospitals and centers of excellence.

The idea that pushed me to create EMS”, says Dr Maged “is to build a bridge between the Italian and Egyptian health system, filling the  existing gaps for the welfare of each patient allowing full assistance from a medical and logistical point of view in order to promote accessibility to care. “

In mid- 2015, a new service joined the EMS family, Dr. Maged was asked to take up yet another challenge which was to offer onsite medical management of an 7 storey company of more than 3500 employees in the heart of the Egyptian capital. The idea here was to offer a 24/7 clinic service within this multinational company offering them occupational health, first aid and patient management, thanks to the daily commitment of brilliant young doctors, the best of their graduation. Since July 2015, EMS clinic has counted 15’000 visits; from the most common colds to accidents occurring from/to work, and in case that situations cannot be managed within the clinic, the GP doctor will identify the best and closest hospital to transfer the patient and make sure everything goes the best way. This is yet another EMS success story that has been going on for about 1 year and that led to the creation of this new born service.
Now EMS is proud to offer corporations with a network of young and motivated general practitioners that can provide a number of service all tailored according to the business’ needs, from a basic clinic management, to pre-employment assessments, to covering occupational health needs, various drugs and alcohol screenings and all of this in central Cairo or in remote places.
Elite Medical Services has just opened yet another clinic in a resort on the shores of the beautiful Red Sea.
This project has also been thought with the specific objective to offer a medical presence onsite, in order to cope with any necessity in an immediate lap of time, keeping in mind the important distances between the resort and any medical facility around the area, making sure not only the staff is safe and healthy but also making sure vacationers can spend a relaxing time enjoying the beautiful sea of Marsa Alam, which is one of the favorite destinations of fellow Italians either for an unforgivable vacation or to enjoy a long and well deserved retirement.