Ugo Pacifici Noja EMS Co-Founder

Dr. Ugo Pacifici Noja Ph.D.

Legal Partner

B.L., Ph. D. (Milan, 1965)

Lawyer before the Italian High Instance Court (Corte di Cassazione)
Lawyer at the Spanish Ilustre Colegio de Abogados of Madrid As a lawyer UPN has written many essays, articles and books concerning Health Law, Human Rights, Privacy Law, ICTs’ Law, Contracts’ Law.

Ugo Pacifici Noja has spent a ten years period of time in France and he has a very good knowledge of french language and society. He has leaded juridical delegations of french entrepreneurs who wished to make investments in Asian countries particularly India with functions of juridical expert.

Dr. Pacifici Noja skills give an added value to EMS’s activities to all the items related to the medical and legal aspects keeping always in mind the centrality of the private interests sphere particularly for what concerns data about health and health conditions.