EMS Medical Concierge in Egypt

The most important part to a good treatment is finding the right Doctor and Hospital

What we do

Egypt, is home to many major Hospitals and has excellent medical professionals, the problem often encountered is not knowing who to turn to in order to organize your treatment plan and help you during every step towards your recovery.

EMS can help you reach the Best Hospitals in Egypt and for this, we collaborate with the best Egyptian Hospitals and Top Medical Professors in the Country in order to offer you a reliable consultation a treatment.

EMS Local Services is dedicated to:

  • Advise and guide you through the Egyptian Medical Sector
  • Organize your medical trip and stay in Egypt
  • Book your appointment with your doctor who is best suited for your condition
  • Give you priority and VIP treatment at the Physician’s clinic
  • Run medical errands for you (book for hospitalization, bring to your doorstep your lab analyses and medical report, etc..)
  • Organize your medical treatment plan in collaboration with your physician

Your wellbeing is our priority and will do our best to give you access to the Best Egyptian Medical Care



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