Multidisciplinary approaches able to offer the best treatments

Poliambulanza’s origins date back to 1903, when a group of 12 doctors from Brescia decided to open a clinic to help the needy.

As recognized by the International Joint Commission’s (JCI), Poliambulanza has reached a standard of excellence with regards to different fields, such as the clinical, managerial, technological and formative ones.

For more than a century it has been pursuing its primary aim, providing the best possible treatments, in a more and more modern, smart and closer to patient context.As Poliambulanza’s origins date back to 1903, when a group of twelve doctors from Brescia, nowadays evaluated for their pioneering contribution to the social medicine, decided to open a clinic in the heart of Carmine district. They wanted their clinic to be in favour of the needy and the initiative was so warmly welcomed that in few years they needed to look for a new location. The clinic was moved to via Calatafimi and Ancelle della Carità were assigned to manage the structure. Along with the new peculiarities of the modern medicine and to meet the local requirements of the city, Poliambulanza became more and more equipped and definitively came to its present seat, via Bissolati, in 1997.

Fondazione Poliambulanza’s Values

  • A Person’s Dignity
  • Multidisciplinarity And The Focus On The Future
  • Research And Formation
  • Smart Hospital

One year numbers

  • 32.000 Patients are hospitalized
  • 82.000 People get to Emergency
  • 400.000 People access to the clinics
  • 375.000 People book a medical examination
  • 1.500 People arrive in danger of life
  • 2.800 Children are born



One of the best healthcare systems in the world (World Health Organization)


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