100 years of research & care in neuroscience

From the Unification of Italy

The Pavia University clinic for the study and treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders dates back to the early years of post-unification Italy.

In 1876, the post of director was assigned to Augusto Tamburini and subsequently to Antonio Raggi, who also directed the asylum of Voghera.

1917: The birth of the “Neuropathology Clinic”.

1924: the birth of the Casimiro Mondino Foundation

Mondino directed the clinic until his death in 1924. He left his estate to the “Casimiro Mondino Foundation”, which, on a new and independent basis, developed further under the direction of Ottorino Rossi, founder of the Pavia School of Neurology.

1973: recognition as a Scientific Institute for Research, Hospitalisation and Healthcare – IRCCS

In 1973, the Italian Health Ministry formally recognised the Foundation as Scientific Institute for Research, Hospitalisation and Healthcare and a private body.

2003: the new site in via Mondino

In 2003, the Institute completed its move to its current site in Via Mondino, thereby crowning and continuing its century-long tradition as a scientific centre dedicated to teaching, care and research in the fields of nervous system disorders, neuroscience and neurorehabilitation.

  • 100.000 patients per year
  • 105.000 outpatient treatments
  • 4.000 admissions per year



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