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The guiding star for families who have children with disabilities

EMS has reached a special agreement with Fondazione Ariel
an Italian non-profit organization that provides guidance and support services for families
with children affected by Cerebral Palsy and other neuromotor disabilities.

When a child is affected by this kind of diseases, also the whole family is deeply involved.

For this reason, Fondazione Ariel wants to be a star that shines to help mothers, fathers, brothers, grandparents and the whole family to live their experience with as much serenity as possible.

Its primary goals are

  • to guide parents to find the right answers to their thousand medical, psychological and social needs
  • to overcome the isolation and discomfort that often surround these pathologies
  • to find new therapeutic solutions thanks to scientific research

Ariel believes in a world where families with children with disabilities can be serene, vital and active, fully integrated into society.

Fondazione Ariel main activities are:

  1. Guidance, assistance and psycho-social support to families through a counseling service provided by qualified specialists.
  2. Training

– medical and psychological courses for parents

– conferences, seminars, and training courses for medical and paramedical, psychosocial and educational staff

– specific preparation courses for volunteers who work in direct contact with children and families, allowing them to deal with this delicate task with competence and serenity

   3. Animation

Clown-therapy, theater workshops for children with cerebral palsy or other disabilities

   4. Scientific research

In order to develop new medical and surgical therapies for children with cerebral palsy or other neuromotor disabilities.

Fondazione Ariel operates within the whole territory of Italy but thanks to a special agreement with EMS it can provides an exclusive counseling service to families with children affected by a neurological disorder and special needs, all over the world.

Fondazione Ariel was founded in 2003 by Professor Nicola Portinaro, one of the most experienced pediatric orthopedic surgeons in the world for hip, knees, foot and neurological orthopedic diseases and treatments.


Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the services we can provide through this exclusive partnership with Fondazione Ariel



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